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Welcome To Our Beautiful Range Of Feel Good Natural Skincare.

Treat yourself – treat your lips, face, hands, and hair – with vitamin rich, toxin free skincare derived from nature. Feed the largest organ in your body - your skin! We offer skin food created from great foods – the amazing Coconut, the rich Olive, the magnificent Shea and many other nourishing gifts of nature.


At Catford Soap Co we ensure to harvest the benefits of these gifts, preserving their efficacy through careful sourcing of raw materials and manufacturing. We aim to keep our formulations unadulterated, ensuring they are safe and free of harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives. All our products are independently tested and approved by specialist Cosmetic Chemists and comply with current U.K. and European legislation - and then undergo our own rigorous testing and sampling!

Our range is designed to look good, to feel good and to do good – and we aim to hold these values without falling into the politics of cosmetics, beauty or youth - but we will keep a beady eye upon this sometimes murky business and will report some of the crazy and dangerous practice we encounter in cosmetics! 

We hope you enjoy using our skincare and website. Why not join our newsletter? We will be offering discounts, free DIY natural recipe ideas and updates about our range. We are always delighted to hear from you with feedback, suggestions and ideas. For each of the next six months we will choose an e mailer or Mail List member who will receive a FREE package of samples and product worth at least £25.

Be Elegantly Natural,

Feargal and Faith , Directors