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About Us

About Elegant Nature and Feel Good Natural Skincare

Following several years of successful business with buyers and suppliers in the United Kingdom and Kenya, Elegant Nature and Feel Good Natural Skincare  has an expanding range of high quality cosmetics, exclusive fragrances and fabulous customer service.

Our dedicated team is renowned for its ability to quickly process and dispatch orders, whilst making sure our customers are satisfied, happy and looked after.

No wonder we're considered the number one choice for natural skincare!

Our Products

Here at Elegant Nature we like to ensure our products are not only top of the range, high quality and up-to-date with current needs and concerns, but that our prices are competitive, providing best choice for discerning customers.

All of our wonderful cosmetics are carefully developed and researched, ensuring they are multi-functional and easy to use. Our range is always expanding but we don't rush to put product on the shelves until we are entirely satisfied!  

We source the best possible base ingredients and where possible trade with micro-financed, fair trade and organic suppliers. Our Shea Butter for example is provided by a Women's collective in Ghana and brokered by a major charity supporting micro-financed developing Women's businesses.

While being 100% Natural and Organic is at the heart of our range we do allow the use of carefully selected synthetic materials in a few products. These materials are always approved by the appropriate overseeing bodies such as IFRA. Be aware however that there is no legal definition or Governing Body who have created a definition of 'Natural' so always go beyond the label to ensure the 'Natural' product you buy is truly what you are being led to believe! When we use the term Natural we mean it as 'plant derived'. Not everything natural is good for us – consider the extensive use of Petroleum derivatives in skin creams for example! At present Elegant Natutre use 0.5% food colouring in our Natural Organic Glycerine Soap range. It may be that these food colourants are naturally sourced – we just don't know and so we won't claim it! Our Sea Buckthorn Body Butter has 2% fragrance which although thoroughly analyised we cannot be sure is entirely 'plant derived' and so will not claim it. You can be assured we will be as clear as possible in our labelling and want to ensure you are well informed.


Because all of our amazing products are made exclusively by Elegant Nature we can help you to enjoy great skincare while helping reduce harm to the planet and improve quality of life for our producers. Sadly not all our products are available in our outlets in Nairobi and London. This is due to importation difficulties and practical issues such as climate conditions and the challenges in ensuring our fresh paraben free cosmetics reach you in perfect condition!


What's so special about Natural and whats the problem of Parabens?

If this is new to you - welcome to the debate! Google the topic, consider the responses but in the interim this is our view and a short introduction. Our bodies need food to nourish and maintain its health. While the skin is the largest organ in the body it is not always at the top of the chain in the distribution of nourishment via the digestive system. By applying vitamins and nourishment direct to the skin you can immediately effect any area of concern while ensuring a healthy epidermis which contributes to general well-being. However the majority of mass produced cosmetics use materials which can form a barrier on the skin trapping moisture rather than moisturising and reducing the skins ability to breathe. It can also mean the skin is absorbing materials which we would never consider eating such as Petrochemical by-products and Parabens. Check the labels of products already in your home including your toothpaste. Parabens include methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and isobutylparaben, among others You may be surprised to find how much you are already using not just daily but maybe several times a day.

According to many studies, Parabens may harm human health by contributing to the development of cancerous tumours. While there are differing views on this subject from a range of medical researchers, there is little question that these chemicals are found in some cancerous tumour tissue. The links between Parabens and cancer (specifically breast cancer) is of particular concern to many people. Since Parabens are commonly present in many items that are specifically marketed to females (such as makeup items, cleansers, and shampoos), many women are appalled to learn that they have been putting Parabens on (and in) their bodies for years. Parabens are preservatives which function is to extend the shelf life of products ensuring that if they are stored for months or even years they will appear as they did the day the left the factory.


While preservatives are an important safety element in cosmetics we do not use Parabens and seek only use natural plant derived preservatives in our product.


Finally it is important to remember that there is no legal or International Trade Organisation definition or ruling as to what a 'Natural' product is. Indeed it is also true that some natural materials such as Petroleum derivatives and by products while being natural are arguably not good for human consumption or cosmetic use. For clarity when we use the term 'Natural' we mean 'plant derived'.



We take your well-being and safety seriously. All our products comply with the most up to date European Legislation. We do not have an in-house chemist but instead prefer to appoint independent qualified Cosmetic Chemists to analyse and approve our formulations. These chemists have many years experience and have worked with leading international companies. When they sign their name and reputation to our products they want to be 100% confident in their suitability and safety which means that you can be 100% confident too!