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Organic Glycerine Soap

Handmade Organic Soaps UK

Natural handmade organic soaps in UK by Elegant Nature! 

The oils in this soap are 100% Certified Organic and the fragrances are beautiful natural essential oils. Colouring is derived from approved food colourants used at less than 0.5%.  As a entirely natural and organic product the color can vary from batch to batch. Also check the rest of our natural skin care products UK! 

Also available by request without colourant in its natural yellow/ brown hue which is the combined appearance of the oils which make up its ingredients.

This is an economy product loaf weighing 300 grams and is suited to cutting into three or four bars. The saved bars should be returned to the air tight packaging supplied or wrapped in cling film as its moisturising properties are such that it will attract moisture from the air and will develop droplets and a 'sweaty' appearance. Although this is harmless it will soften the bar and reduce its lifespan.