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Eye Gel

Designed to cool and moisturise tired and sore eyes this product is all natural and comes in a 30ml airless container for on the go use. This is an excellent way to rejuvinate the appearance around the eyes.. Skin receives supreme moistureisation, smoothing, and nourishment, while radiance and skin tone are enhanced. Wrinkles can be clarified for beautiful skin that looks visibly brighter and more youthful.

The Euphrasia plant has a long history of use for eye problems, hence the common name of Eyebright. When used appropriately, eyebright will reduce inflammation in the eye and will even aid the recovery from conjunctivitis (inflammation or infection of the membrane lining the eyelids) as well as other conditions. It has also been found to bring relief to Hay-fever sufferers. This is an ultra-moisturising formulation as the Eyebright is infused in a blend of Cucumber and Aloe Vera gel which again are highly regarded for their cooling and smoothing benefits to the eye area. Our eye treatment is made with an incredible 2:1 concentration of Aloe Vera, giving you a 200% concentrated Aloe Vera shot in every pump, for intense instant hydration.

It doesn't just stop with the Aloe Vera and Eye Bright, we use Organic Cucumber and Japanese White Tea, to give your eyes the care and rejuvenation that they need.

Dab a small amount onto the under eye area with your little finger. It can be reapplied throughout the day. For best results apply about 1cm under and around the eye and allow the skin to naturally absorb the  ingredients. When applying to the eyelids, close your eyes, dab a small amount gently on the eyelid and allow 1 - 2 minutes for the gel to fully absorbed before opening your eyes again. 

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