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Notes from our kitchen

Posted by Adai M on

Despite my spending several weeks preparing for our relaunch - hammering about the workshop, creating shelving, installing machinery, fitting a washing machine and then covering all worktops and floors with wipe down cloth (can you imagine what its like to spill gallons of soap in a busy workspace!) I found myself last week back in the kitchen of our house inspired to have another attempt to create the perfect sugar scrub!

Its not that I don't like the workshop. Its fresh, new, got a terrific sound system, fully stocked shelves and everything is laid out perfectly for making formulations. However there I was -back in the kitchen - effectively playing with food to create a delightful face scrub like a five year old with a chemistry set! Without realising I had planed the session well over the last few weeks, probably when packing and carrying stock from our old address to our new home. Every time I came across something I though would be ideal for a face scrub a little went into a bright box that I had picked out for the purpose. This was now my chance to play after weeks of other work... Faith had gone out... no kids around... quiet... It was a beautiful bright sunny day in the first week of March. A day when you get a few hours of bright sun and promoise of the near departure of a now dreary winter. Now lets see what I put in the box .... Olive Squaline - really good for the skin and a great love of my favourite Cosmetic tutor Sally ... ok sucrose, well obviously... its remarkable how bad it is for our bodies but how good it is for our skin! ... my fragrance just blended so well and smelled wonderful... first version a light Lemongrass and Cucumber which will make a perfect start to the day ... the second version a smouldering Rose Absolute with a little Lavender and Bergamont to add some top note. Perfect! I was really cooking! Colours also fell into place beautifully. Alkinet Root created a soft pink for the Rose variety and Green Plant Extract (Chlorophyll if you remember you Grade 6 Chemistry) giving a very light mint green to the Lemongrass scrub. Again perfect! But wait a minute the real challenge was yet to come.. the level of Poppy Seed - how ex-foliating or rough enough was rough enough enough - or even just the right rough.... if you get what I mean! Can you imagine how difficult it is to weigh or count Poppy seeds? It is like trying to measure sand! When creating a formulation it must be done in a manner which allows you to replicate it time and time again... too much and its like sandpaper (as I found out) – too little and it does not scrub.

As I stood by the sink testing about my tenth version of the formulation and Poppy Seed level I caught a glimpse of my lovely neighbour Velma through my window. I knew she was wondering what was I 'up to' this time as she spied my balding head and face covered in suds and poppy seeds! Velma is always the first to receive a sample of any new product and her frank feedback is always refreshing! However no doubt the site of me covered in a foamy mix of Poppy Seeds and now my face is a shade of raw pink, a colour which I have rarely achieved even in the worst of my psoriasis outbreaks (a topic for the future posts) must have caused her some trepidation. I opened my window and called out that I was experimenting with Poppy Seeds, Velma nodded and replied that she prefers to eat them as part of her breakfast regime! I explained that I was struggling on how much to use in a face scrub as it was impossible to weigh it accurately – even on my jewellers /drug dealers scales. Velma mused on this and suggested that I could measure it as I would a liquid as it is so fine. The Eureka Moment! Promising a sample later I pulled out some of my finely graduated measuring tubes – and yes! Accuracy achieved and the opportunity to get the 'scrub' level right!

I just love the results achieved in this scrub. Both aromas are divine and the feel of the skin after washing is wonderful. Samples were given to Velma and other friends and the feedback has been terrific so it is now with my chemist for a professional assessment. I know your going to love it!

Faith arrived home before I had had the opportunity to tidy up but was so pleased with our new product she forgot to complain about the mess in our kitchen or the fact that I had not cooked yet.... off to Weatherspoons again!

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