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Never Mind The Ingredients - What's In A Name!

Posted by Feargal Brady on

It's been tough settling on a name for our company, and to be honest it may not even be finalised yet! First we were 'Natures Blessings' and in those days (almost five years ago) our range was limited to body butters and moisturisers and it quite suited us. When we moved into making soaps and cleansers the name did not suit thebright and colourful creations we were making and so we rebranded to 'The Feel Good Soap Co'. This quite suited us as we liked the positive vibe it created. However after a time it did cause difficulties with the European trade mark authorities who seemed to think that the name was too general and refused to allow us trade mark the brand! We reverted to our original name 'Natures Blessings' but found that increasingly having a name that began with Nature or Natural caused problems as not only customers but even our suppliers mixed us up with the numerous other cosmetic companies (often less ethical) who used the word Nature in their branding. So now officially we are Elegant Nature although you may see any of our names appear on our packaging as we do have select outlets who like the brand as it is a popular product - and we are not people who dissapoint!

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